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PLANTS!!! is a two part audio drama where listeners are plunged into a hallucinatory world in transition where it isn’t clear who’s calling the shots. Could it really be the plants?! In this foodie horror/comedy, rife with delicious treats for those of the anti-capitalist persuasion, an immersive soundscape and full cast of voice actors breathe life into the gradual unraveling of food journalist, Anthony Oliver, as he transforms from skeptic to evangelist while reporting on an enigmatic culinary novelty: Farmacology. Discover how this simple farm-to-table restaurant near Walla Walla, Washington has unleashed a contagious plant-centered social movement with the potential to change everything!


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Written, directed, and produced by Stuart Strader, Paulus Van Horne, Ava Keating, and Charlie Spears



John Terrence Kelley as Anthony Oliver

Keri Watson as Louise Gant

Katie Eiler as pretentious guest, know-it-all guest, and plant scientist

Phillip Locker as Chef Brett Keller

Charlie Spears as the plant voices and radio advertisements

Ava Keating as radio interviewee, Walla Walla store clerk, and enamored guest

Meaghan Mckracken as witchy gardener

Soren McKracken as Farmacology child laborer

Stuart Strader as radio interviewee



Audio recording, sound design, and mixing by Charlie Spears

Cover Art by Stella Rosen

Website design by Ava Keating

Opening theme and original music by Charlie Spears

End Credit music by Machine Listener

Mastered by Rachel Field at Resonant Mastering, Seattle, WA

Additional stock music sourced from

Paw Prints by Bob Hart, Killing Time by Stanley Gurvich, All We Need by City Acres, With Us by Lior Seker, Blue Waltz by Kadir Demir, Door Knob by Egon Stone, Fairy by Serge Quadrado, Falling Softly by Jon Gegelman, Leisure by Fassounds, Equilibrium by Shadhead-Mostafafar, A Farewell to Love (Elgar) by Yael-Kereth, Ghost Waltz by Ziv Moran, The Tree Who Grew on Water by Yoav-Ilan


Special Thanks to:

Bob Raymonda, Ariadne Sullivan, Jimmy Lange, Sean Sass, Tara Reynolds, Dashiell Morgan, and the 2019 Writing New Worlds: Radio Fiction for the 21st Century workshop for feedback.


A big "ROOTS UP" to all our #sprouts out there!




A fictional sound bath for radical gardeners.


Contact PLANTS!!!

641-715-3900 x 898691

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© 2022 by Charlie Spears

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